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Modified Pilates

Modified Pilates combines remedial Pilates techniques together with physiotherapy spinal rehabilitation (Kinetic Control) to deliver a very safe, effective, tried, tested and enjoyable way of strengthening your spine, in addition to all of the above mentioned benefits. The program is based upon the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) research and established Physiotherapy stability techniques.

The program is taken by an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist (specialising in muscle imbalance and Spinal rehabilitation) / Certified Modified Pilates Instructor (APPI), who has worked within both the public and private sector.

Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women for whom hormonal and postural changes can lead to back pain, Pilates can help prevent discomfort through a focus on postural awareness, spinal stability, pelvic floor strength and breath control. Good deep abdominal and pelvic floor strength can also aid labour and postnatal recovery. We offer Antenatal classes at Ashton House Nursery and Caldy Valley Centre, Chester.

 As a chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates instructor and presenter, I offer a range of Physiotherapy and Pilates services in Chester and the surrounding areas. I teach modified or remedial Pilates which can be suitable for any age or level of fitness.

​Pilates is often referred to as 'thinking exercise' - it requires a great deal of concentration, precision and control. Rather than focusing on the large stronger muscles (the ones normally used for sport / gym work), this technique emphasises isolating the weaker deep postural muscles in the lower back, neck and shoulder blade area. These muscles are the ones that give our body support and give us protection against pain and joint weakness. 

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Pilates to improve you sports performance

Pilates To Improve Your Sports Performance It has been reported in the press over recent months that the SAS and David Beckham have been using Pilates. Improving core stability, flexibility and strength will enhance their performance and reduce the risk of injuries. We offer a class which focuses more on competitive performance including exercises tailored to the sports of the participants. For example, runners and cyclists will have a bias towards lower limb strength as well as core muscles. Pilates is not just suitable for Ladies, Gentlemen are welcome to l classes.



Physiotherapy can be used for all injuries as a result of sport, daily activities or related to your occupation, Chartered physiotherapists will provide a detailed physiotherapy assessment for your problem and identify the best course of treatment. Not only can treatments help current symptoms but can also help prevent future reoccurrences. 

All our physiotherapy treatments are tailored to your individual needs and specific goals, physiotherapy services are domiciliary and set for a convenient time.    



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